Sweet Southern Pixels Flea Style Summit
On Saturday, I gathered with 149 other creative entrepreneurs and attended the first Flea Style Summit in Dallas. Lucky for me it was just a short 40 minute drive from home. One of my goals for year two of my business is to attend a creative conference. But before making a significant investment in a 2-3 day, out-of-state conference, I decided to get a feel for what the experience is like on a smaller scale.

A little about the Flea Style conference—“Fleastyle is dedicated to supporting its city’s artisan and small business communities.” The conference featured:

  • Panels with popular tastemakers + creatives—topics ranging from being your own boss to social media
  • A number of creative workshops (I was assigned to do a painting project with Oh Deery Floral)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks + happy hour
  • A retail shop featuring products from the panelists (my husband and bank account did not like this…I did!)
  • …and an fabulous goodie bag!

I throughly enjoyed my first mini-conference, from the amazing speakers to the tasty cocktails, the whole event was so well done. Rather than going through the whole day with you, I thought I would share five of the takeaways from the summit that I found to be the most interesting and helpful.

Sweet Southern Pixels Flea Style Review

1. What you do in your free time is probably what you want to do as a career.

“Do the thing that won’t leave you alone.” Melinda Jones, Read Between the Lines

2. Don’t compare yourself to the people in your Instagram feed

“Only you can do you, live your story.” Smoot Hull, The Vintage Round Top

3. Authenticity is key

People are moving away from the “perfect” Instagram feed and moving back towards real images and authentic captions. Be transparent and let your true self show through to your followers.

4. Make Connections

Reach out to people you admire or follow on social media. By doing so you help get your name out there and meet like-minded people in your industry. Not sure what to say, try asking to trade services, inquire about mentorship, or just say “hello”—taking the leap and talking to people is key to expanding your reach.

5. Learn how to turn it off

Don’t let your work consume you. If that means working outside your house, head to Starbucks. Or try setting specific work hours and take the rest of the day to disconnect from your business. You’ll come back refreshed and focused.

These are just a few tid-bits from a day jam-packed with quality information. Next time I may have to record speaker responses, because I was so engrossed in what they had to say, I didn’t take nearly enough notes. A big thank you to Brittany Cobb of Flea Style for putting on a fantastic event. I’m super excited to attend their next summit in the Spring and I’m officially on the look out for my next conference.

Which conference I should attend next? Share your favorites below!